Philosopher’s Foot in Ox Dung

A philosopher stood on one leg in the middle of a road, unsure of what to do. “What is the best and wisest step? Where shall I put my foot?” he asked. A farmer passing with an ox gave him his answer. “Put it down,” he said. And so the philosopher did, but his other leg rose up. “Terrible advice!” he yelled. “My predicament hasn’t improved. Where shall I put this foot?” And again, the farmer told him, “Put it down.”

“And…,” said Cyrus.”

“And this time when the philosopher put his foot down, he put it squarely in a pile of the ox’s dung. Concluding that the farmer was either a trickster or a fool, he left his foot there and never moved again. As for the farmer, he walked on to Rome.”


N.D. Wilson, Ashtown Burials Book 2, The Drowned Vault, pg. 191


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