The Gnat and the Lion

Gnarly the Gnat landed on the broadside of the grass’s blade, the sun looking on eagerly from its lofty, sky-high vantage point. Today was the day and time was short. Gnarly was feeling great, at peak vitality and vigor in his three week existence.

The lion was sauntering his way already, and Gnarly was decided that enough was enough. For far too long that lion had walked this earth like he was king. He had to be stopped, and Gnarly was just the gnat for the job.

20 yards, 15 yards, 10 yards, 5…

Rage rose within Gnarly, and gnashing everything in his body that could gnash, he dove right for the lion’s face, aiming for maximal damage and the straightest path for victory over the feline tyrant.

Rex the Lion felt the gnat lightly bump against his nose. Rex’s tongue flipped up and moistly slurped the wayward bug. Undistracted, he continued on, the unchallenged King of the earth.


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