The Rewards of Selective Indignation

A well-written article by a pastor at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, on selective indignation, with the backdrop of the removal of statues of Confederate generals in New Orleans. Let us aim for the refreshing maturity of being able to discuss ideas and issues without immediate burnings at the stake for views other than our own. Calm, cool-headedness in our considerations of what is true will aid us far more than emotional outcry.


Confedrate Statues New OrleansThe reaction to Mitch Landrieu’s edict to take down the statues of Confederate generals in New Orleans has been as loud as it was predictable. Clearly, no respectable American can give any legitimate, sane defense for retaining these monuments and still be considered someone with whom you can be safely seen in public. Clearly.

I wish I could say that it’s only secularists and the modern political front runners and attention seekers who are doing this, but, alas, even evangelical Christians are rushing to get on the “right side of history” – with all the “respect” that affords (and we all know that nothing is more important than getting the respect of our modern arbiters of truth, beauty, and righteousness).

And I could respect this in some measure if it weren’t so easy to attain. All it takes is the willingness to learn the habit of selective indignation. Selective…

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